Once upon a time...

    ... a group of friends met-up two or three times a year, travelling up and down the country, for weekends of roleplaying games, and videos, and pizza, or chinese, or other take-away goodness, and beers. They also all ventured to European & UK GenCon, starting with the legendary 1st European GenCon in 1990, otherwise know by those who dared as "cryo-GenCon", where, over the years, they came second - twice! - in the team event, as well as winning individual events, and spent many, many, many hours gathered around small tables, in noisy halls, playing, GMing, and enjoying RPGs of all stripes. And thus the original Famous Last Words Society was born.

But over the years that thing called "life" and the "real world"©™ got in the way, and apart from occasional emails, Christmas cards, and the like, most of them lost regular contact.

This web site, about pen-and-paper RPGs of all sorts, is dedicated to the FLWS

"Who's the bitch with the spiders?"

"What could go wrong?"

"I check for traps"


"It's Fine. We're Gods. Aren't we?"